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About PPI

What do we mean by Patient and Public Involvement in Research?

Patient and Public Involvement (also known as user/lay involvement) in research refers to patients, carers and members of the public working in partnership with health and social care researchers in the research process.

PPI helps to make research more effective by combining researchers’ knowledge with the personal experiences of patients and carers.

‘By sharing your knowledge with researchers you can help can improve the design, management and communication of research.’

You can get involved by:

  • Working alongside researchers
  • Prioritising studies
  • Suggesting topics for research
  • Designing and managing of studies
  • Data collecting and analysing data
  • Disseminating findings By patients and the public we mean:
  • People who use, or have used, health or social care services
  • Informal carers and families
  • Members of the general public
  • Organisations who represent users of NHS services and user groups


Who can be involved?

Most people are eligible to be involved with research. You do not need to know about research, just a willingness to contribute and offer your opinion.

Some PPI opportunities will require you to have experience of a particular condition or service. Others may just ask for people with an interest in the condition or service. You can find out whether you fit the requirements by looking at a role description or by having an informal conversation with the researcher.

For more information see Basics of PPI.

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