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Please find below a range of projects looking for people to get involved in research in London. If you have a project that you would like to add to the Involving London website, please Contact Us. If you have a non-London opportunity please use the People in Research website, which can be found at


Patient and Public Research Panel Members Wanted:
  •  Have you had a Total Knee Replacement?
  • Are you waiting for a Total Knee Replacement?
  • Have you been affected by osteoarthritis of the knee?
  • Would you like to help to develop a brand new Total Knee Replacement?
The Orthopaedic Biomechanics Group at Imperial College London has been working since the 1970s on developing techniques and devices to solve orthopaedic problems, with a particular emphasis on osteoarthritis and joint replacement. Together with a leading UK implant manufacturer, it is working on a NIHR funded project to develop a novel Total Knee Replacement (TKR) that aims to improve patient satisfaction and
post-operative function.
When developing research it is important to understand patients’ needs to ensure that the research is in the best interests of the patient. For this reason we want to invite people with experience of and/or affected by TKR surgery to act as advisors to our research.
What would this mean?
You would be working in partnership with other patients and researchers to help steer the direction of the research, providing opinions about expectations and experiences of knee osteoarthritis and knee replacements. You will also be consulted on the content of patient consent forms for clinical trials and patient information leaflets.
You do not need any previous experience, just a willingness to attend a few meetings and to give your perspective as someone with some experience of TKR surgery.
The position is voluntary but all travel and out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed.
You should live in London and be able to get to the South Kensington campus of Imperial College.
If you are interested in finding out more please contact:
Camilla Halewood
020 7589 5111 ext 57101
For more information about The Orthopaedic Biomechanics Group at Imperial College, please visit:
For more information about Total Knee Replacement surgery, please visit:

Epilepsy Research UK are looking to recruit a member of the public who has a strong connection to the condition (e.g. has epilepsy personally or who has a close friend/relative who does) to become involved in epilepsy research. Some knowledge of research processes is also preferable. Epilepsy Research UK is a charity dedicated to the funding of research into the causes, prevention and treatment of epilepsy. Its Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is responsible for all its funding decisions, and a non-science or ’lay’ position on this committee has become available.
SAC members are asked to attend three meetings in London each year (travel expenses are reimbursed), and to review approximately 100 research proposals over a two-stage annual grant round. The committee also oversees the progress/outcomes of existing/completed grants, and decides upon the theme of the charity’s biennial expert international workshop. 

For more information, please contact Delphine van der Pauw at [email protected] or on 020 8995 4781.


Do you have experience of cancer as a patient or carer? Would you like to use your experience to help inform research projects in south east London? The South East London Consumer panel for Cancer Research is currently recruiting new members. To find out more download the Consumer Panel Advert here.

The Thames Stroke Research Network 
is looking for people with experience of stroke to get involved in a variety of different ways in their research work. Their leaflet contains more information. 

"Use your experiences to improve the quality of health research"

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is looking for people who have first-hand experience of health conditions and/or health and social care services, particularly carers and people with personal experience of dementia.

The NIHR would like their help to review research proposals.  The review work is done at home; reviewers get guidance and support and are paid a fee for all review work to acknowledge their valuable contribution.

For more information about these opportunities visit the websites of the research funding centres:
The NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre
The NIHR Central Commissioning Facility

A project investigating at end of life care for older people is looking for patients and carers who would like to help with the development of a new end of life service for frail older people living in the community. If you are interested to find out more please click here to download the poster and contact details for the research team.

Can people receiving end of life care give consent for treatment or participation in research? A research study being undertaken by King's College London would like to hear from patients and carers who have an interest in improving the consent practices for people receiving end of life care. More details are available by contacting the research team and by downloading the advert.