Involving London

Getting Involved

If you are a patient, carer or service user with an interest in health and social care research, or if you are a member of a patient group or support group or just someone with an interest in health and social care research then read on.
Researchers across the UK are now encouraged to involve people in their research and  the About PPI page will tell you more about patient public involvement.
However there is often a problem as researchers cannot find patients and the public to get involved and researchers, research teams and organisations are always looking for further groups or individuals who would like to get involved in research and provide much needed input and feedback. No special skills are required, just a willingness to contribute!
Involving London has been set up to try and encourage you to get involved and contribute. Have a look around or website at the different organisations represented here, at our Opportunities page and sign up with us.

Additionally, if you would like to find out more about training and research events, please see our Events and Training page.

We will also use this part of the website to look at personal experiences of involvement from those that have been there and done it. We want your stories and experiences of getting involved so please Contact Us if you have an experience of being involved that you want to share, either as a patient, member of the public or a researcher. Your Personal Stories will present a real picture of patient involvement that will hopefully encourage others to get involved.
Who can be involved?

Most people are eligible to be involved with research. You do not need to know about research, just a willingness to contribute and offer your opinion.

Some PPI opportunities will require you to have experience of a particular condition or service. Others may just ask for people with an interest in the condition or service. You can find out whether you fit the requirements by looking at a role description or by having an informal conversation with the researcher.

For more information see Basics of PPI.