Involving London

Terms & Conditions

Involving London works with individual researchers and organisations across London and nationally. We will not share any of your details with them without seeking your permission first. Involving London will not share your details with any commercial organisations/ third parties. (You may need to say something like 'in accordance with the data protection act' which basically means you will only use the data for the purpose for which it was provided.)

If you register with Involving London we will deal with your request, as quickly as we can and will endeavour to respond within 10 working days. In dealing with your request you may be contacted by any of the Involving London organisations, as your area of interest may be applicable to more than one organisation.

If you respond to an Opportunity it will be up to the organisation or researcher who advertised the opportunity to respond to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]