Involving London

For Researchers

If you are a researcher, clinician or research team carrying out research in London then welcome to the Involving London website. Involving London has been set up primarily to advertise, opportunities, share best practice and encourage patients and the public to get involved in research. However, there are many ways that the Involving London website can help you and your team.
  1. You can also advertise your projects that are looking for patients and the public on the Involving London website at please complete the Contact Us form with the details, please see our current Opportunities to Get Involved page for some examples. If you are a researcher outside London you can advertise your opportunities at
  2. If you are carrying out PPI in London and want to know if there is a local PPI contact in your research unit, please look at Involving London’s’ list of collaborators at Organisations in London that Involve People
  3. If you are a researcher in London preparing a funding application and would like help on how to involve patients and the public in this activity, or need help planning this please Carol Porteous, User Involvement Lead at RDS London [email protected] or contact RDS London through their website

You will find useful Guidance and Documents and hints and tips on how to carry out PPI in our About PPI Section.